This is a multi-functional masala powder which can be used for preparing meat, vegetables, lentils and fish.


  • 1Kg. Kashmir chillies, 
  • 1kg. Coriander seeds,
  • 50 gms. cumin,
  • 100 gms. peppercorns,
  • 3 tbs turmeric powder,
  • 150 gms. Cloves,
  • 150 gms. Cinnamon sticks,
  • 100 gms. Cardamoms,
  • 1/4 kg. Poppy seeds,
  • 10 gms. Bay leaves,
  • 7 nutmeg,
  • 20 gms. Mace,
  • 10 gms. Star anise,
  • 250 gms. Fennel seeds,
  • 100 gms. Fenugreek seeds
  • 1/4 c rice.

Roast all the ingredients individually. This is very important. Cool and blend together.  Store in an airtight container with a bay leaf on top to avoid weevils.


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