This recipe was an accidental innovation in my kitchen.  I was baking a fish steak piece and realised that one side had crisped up.  So I decided to try Baked chicken as I usually fry the chicken for my boys on the weekends.  Then I gave it a try one weekend and Eureka success!!.  This became such a hit in my house.  So my sons starting saying mama should it be called KFC, SFC, KBC but I have named it MBC – Mum’s Baked Chicken.  Sharing my recipe to a much healthier, tastier version of a baked chicken.


  1.  1 kg chicken cut into medium size pieces as required.
  2.  1tsp salt,
  3. 1tsp red chilli powder,
  4. 1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste or 1 tbsp. garlic powder (as desired)
  5.  3 eggs,
  6. 1/2 tsp. Oregano,
  7. 1/2 tsp. Basil,
  8. 1 tsp. Mustard powder or mustard paste.
  9. Wheat flour/maida for dusting.
  10. Bread crumbs or panko bread crumbs for wrapping your chicken pieces.
  11. 2-3 tbsps oil per tray. I had used 2 trays to bake the chicken.


Wash nicely the chicken and pat dry. Now apply ginger garlic paste, salt, red chillies powder, Oregano, basil, Mustard powder or paste.  Dust with flour.  Beat 3 eggs, Now dip your chicken pieces 1 at a time into the egg.  Roll in the bread crumbs.  Dust each piece and keep aside. Meanwhile heat your oven to 180°C. Take your baking tray and grease with the oil. Now arrange your crumbed chicken in the baking tray in a single line neatly leaving space between chicken pieces to turn.  Dont overload.  Pour the remaining oil on the top side of each chicken piece.  Put your timer on for 30-40 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the tray and change the side of the chicken. Keep for the remaining time.  After this put your oven off.  Remove hot tray carefully. Your crispy baked chicken is ready.  Serve with tomato sauce, Honey Mayo Sauce, coleslaw, baked french fries and bun bread.

For Dipping: Honey Mayo Sauce

1 tbsp. Honey, 2tbsp mayo. Mix well and use.


2 tbsps strained curds, 2 tbsps mayo beat well and pour into a large bowl.

Cut 1/2 cabbage or 1/2 iceberg lettuce. Wash and pat dry.  1 carrot wash dry and grate. Add to the bowl. Now cut the cabbage/iceberg lettuce finely and add into the bowl. Mix well.  If thick add little water at a time up to 1/4 cup water(thickness as desired).  Mix and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Your coleslaw is ready.  Now will you ever make KFC or SFC? 

This is my cheat recipe for a nice crispy baked mummy’s chicken. Enjoy.

Baked French Fries:

Wash 4 potatoes.  Remove the skin.  Cut into batons.  Mix 2 tbsp of oil along with 1 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp jeera powder, juice of 1/2 lime, oregano 1/2 tsp. Basil 1/2 tsp. Pour this over the potato batons.  Bake in an oven dish at 230° C for 45 minutes or in an airfrier at 200° C for 18 minutes.  I had used the airfrier for the french fries. Remove and enjoy with a chilli garlic sauce, tomato sauce  as desired. 


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