Since I have become diabetic my consumption of sweets has decreased considerably. Though I have a very sweet tooth and a very strong, sweet personality I curb my sweet tooth cravings to eating fruits or sweets prepared by myself. I exclude sucrose and avoid artificial sweetners because of the harmful side effects they have on the body. With so many mangoes in the market can’t help wanting sweet mango goodness. So I decided to make a diabetic friendly mango icecream. Now this was another experiment without using sugar.❤

Now on the occasion of nearing completion of 3 months of my blog I’m sharing this sweet recipe with you all my supporters and fans. 🤗 A special thanks to both my sons who encouraged me, by giving me the idea of my creating own blog and creating the blog for me.


  1. Pulp of 2 ripe mangoes (Preferably Indian alphanso. If using any other mango type adjust the quantity of pulp)
  2. 1 cup cream (any thick milk cream. If vegan can use cashew or almond cream)
  3. 6 large figs (3 ground to a puree)
  4. 1 large tin evaporated milk 410 gms
  5. Silver foil or cling foil as required

Method: Beat cream, the pulp of 2 mangoes, evaporated milk and the puree of figs.

The remaining 3 figs cut finely into small chunks and add to the mixture. Mix well. Now pour the mango icecream into an airtight container. Cover with silver foil. Put the container into the freezer and freeze for 6 hours. Remove and churn again to get a smooth creamy icecream. Pour the churned icecream back into the airtight container. Cover with the silver foil. Freeze for another 8 hours or overnight. (I didn’t beat the third time).

For a very creamy icecream churn the icecream once more. Freeze for another 6-8 hours. Your sucrose free icecream is ready. This icecream only makes use of maltose and fructose which is more than enough sweetness for a diabetic person! Remove and scoop the icecream into a bowl.🍦 Enjoy.


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