So what do you do when you have a guest suddenly turn up for lunch/dinner?  This dish takes me back in time when mum had to make something additional in a jiffy.  We had a guest come over and chatting continued, till it was nearly lunch time.  So mum invited her to join us for lunch.  With very little time to prepare an additional dish she decided to prepare a prawn chilli fry.  This would go well with the Rice, fish curry and vegetable.  So using the KISS METHOD  (Kept it Simple Stupidly) she prepared this prawn chilli fry in 15 minutes flat.  Sharing this recipe with you to enjoy🍤 whenever you are in hurry and need a quick fix.


  • 3 onions cleaned, washed and cut into 1/2″ round circles and separate the rings.
  • 3 green chillies finely chopped (if you have kids or for less heat you can cut it at a slant)
  • 1/2 kg Prawns cleaned, deveined and washed
  • 1 bundle spring onions, finely chopped and 1-2 white portion keep separate 
  • Ice water as required (Optional)
  • Salt as required 
  • Oil as required 

Method: On a medium heat in a non-stick pan add oil.  Now add the onions and chillies.  Saute and cover till the onions turn translucent and caramelizes.  Add the prawns and salt, cover and cook till the prawns turn pink.  Add the spring onions, and cover for less than a minute.  Switch off the gas and enjoy your prawn chilli fry.

For decoration take the white part of 1 spring onion and make slits according to size.  Put it into the ice water for 15 minutes.  Remove and open into a flower. Arrange into a serving plate and enjoy.🍽


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